How to Stay Healthy, Fit and Happy While Writing your Thesis

It’s very easy to stress out, go into a cave, see no-one, eat instant noodles and hunch over your computer for three years while writing your thesis. However, it’s important for PhD candidates to take care of themselves while under pressure. This helps you to withstand that pressure, improves the quality of your work and allows you to emerge at the other end with your relationships, mind and body intact. Remember: a PhD is a marathon, not a sprint. Posture With the majority of students working hunched over laptops these days, a lasting legacy of your PhD could be a bad back. It’s essential to remember that, because of the way laptops are designed, it’s very easy to slump into …

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Applications now open for Elite Editing’s 2015 Thesis Write-up Scholarship

Are you heading into the final stages of your degree? Is writing up just around the corner? Would you benefit from 12 weeks’ funding, to support you while you concentrate on writing up your thesis or dissertation? Applications are currently open for Elite Editing’s Thesis Write Up Scholarship for Master’s and PhD candidates heading into the write up stage of their thesis. To get all the information and apply, visit this page: To get more information and news on this scholarship and future scholarships please sign up using the button below below. Click Here to Sign Up

7 Apps to Help you Write your Thesis

The world of academia can be a little behind the world of technology, but by using just a few of these apps, your thesis can be helped along immeasurably. Don’t install them all at once—it can get a bit overwhelming—but test out a couple and see what sticks. All apps listed are free to use. We’ve created 5 Awesome IFTTT Recipes that you can steal. Just click the button below to Download. The Research Phase Instapaper This tool is great for the research and reading phase of your thesis process, particularly if you’re reading a lot of online sources. You can save web pages to your Instapaper account, where it will be turned into an easy-to-read format that you can …

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8 Productivity Hacks for Writing your Thesis

Often considered the domain of tech entrepreneurs and lifestyle gurus, a few well-chosen productivity ‘hacks’ and habits can really boost your thesis and help you maintain momentum during your PhD. Eat Breakfast What do athletes, entrepreneurs, nutritionists and your mum all agree on? That eating breakfast is the best way to start your day. And they’re right. You might feel like you should roll out of bed and into your desk chair, but you should start off with a big glass of water and a decent breakfast. Your body and mind will be primed for the day. Set the scene A huge part of productivity is your work environment. You might think you don’t have time to declutter your desk, …

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